One thought on “in the light

  1. That light might be the “mothership” returning to pick up the mantis? 😉
    The Praying Mantis does look rather alien, especially when it turns its head to follow its prey. We found one half-frozen, lying (not moving) in the driveway on Thanksgiving day, back in 2005. We brought it into the house and put it in a pot with a pathos plant in the dining room–to see if it would warm up and come back to life. Sure enough, when I returned a few minutes later, I had to search all over for that mantis. It was still full of life. We kept it in a terrarium for a few months (it was too cold to put it back outside). Learned a lot watching that mantis! Hanging upside down, waiting for food to walk by, it had the patience of a saint….

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